Timberland's series featuring Nas and his story.

I was able to create typography for the series and illustrate various style frames from pitch to production as well as some cel fx as needed in the spots!



Production Company: Gentleman Scholar

Creative Directors: Will Johnson, William Campbell, Chace Hartman
Executive Producer: Christina Roldan

Art Directors: Cristina Barna, Macauley Johnson
Senior Producers: Sue Yee Hubbard, Kirsten Noll
Storyboard Artist: Christopher Wolfgang Mauch
Designers: Cam Floyd, Christina Liang, Jina Kwon, Cristina Barna, Hana Eunjin Yean, Macauley Johnson, Trish Janovic


Lead Cel Animators: Laura Yilmaz, Harry Teitelman
Cel Animators: Taik Lee, Ana Chang, Matt Everton, Will Pittas
Additional Cel Animation: Chris Mauch, Trish Janovic, Stephanie Simpson, Sam Kim, Aly Tain


2D Animators: Aaron Kemnitzer, Ana Chang, Lauren Tom, Henry Pak, Pablo Robleto
Additional Animation: Alison Alvarez Avila


3D Animators: Aaron Kemnitzer, Arsen Arzumanyan
Compositors: Aaron Kemnitzer, Henry Pak, Lauren Tom, Pablo Robleto

Previz Artist: Arsen Arzumanyan

Agency: Pereira & O'Dell